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Learn About the Benefits of Sealcoating for Your Property in Colonie

Are you interested in protecting your paved driveway or parking lot from the elements and from wear and tear? It's important to invest in professional sealcoating. The driveway sealers at Christopher's Paving are standing by to assist you, whether you need seal coating at your residential or commercial property in or around Colonie. We're a licensed and insured business with 15 years of experience, and we care deeply about the quality of the work we do. Call (518) 478-6517 now to learn more! 

Sealcoating has many benefits, protecting your asphalt driveway or other surface from: 

  • Weather damage, such as when freezing temperatures crack pavement and allow moisture to seep in
  • Sun damage, when the rays of the sun harden and dry out your asphalt 
  • Softening due to gasoline, oil, and other fluids 

Our driveway sealers will be happy to talk over your options with you. We can use a spray-on or a hand brush application, depending on your needs. We'll always quote you an honest price and strive to get the job done in a timely fashion. Contact us today to get started.