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Parking Lot Paving

Christopher's Paving - A Finished Parking Lot JobIs your parking lot riddled with pot holes, crooked signs, faded lines, and crumbling edges? Is there so much grass growing in the cracks of your parking lot that it blends into the lawn? A parking lot is often your customer’s first impression of your business. Don’t send them the wrong message! Call Christopher’s Paving for all your parking lot paving needs today and show your customers that you care.

A sleek, even parking lot paving job is the perfect complement to your landscaping and exterior building work. When a lot looks attractive, clean, and tended, your customers will feel more welcome. Whether you need parking lot paving services to patch up a few potholes and cracks or you need an entirely new parking lot poured, Christopher’s Paving is the company to trust. Our driveway contractors offer a full range of parking lot services from repairs to installation, including:

  • Parking lot crack and hole repairs
  • Parking lot resurfacing
  • Dig-outs and repaving
  • Parking lot paving and installation

Our licensed, bonded, and insured professionals will educate you about the parking lot paving process so you can stay informed at every step of the paving job and understand the purpose behind each procedure performed. Our team is here to take great care of you as well as your parking lot paving needs!

At Christopher's Paving, our experts will start by cleaning your parking lot prior to every job to make sure that no foreign materials are trapped within the sealant or pavement. We only use state-approved, appropriate materials for paving, crack-sealing, and pothole patching and ensure an even paving job that is free of depressions. Our team also makes certain your lot is properly graded in order to encourage drainage away from your business.  At Christopher’s Paving, we know that parking lot paving is not only important for how your business is perceived by customers, but also for customer safety and satisfaction. Don’t let a pothole in your parking lot ruin a customer’s vehicle. Don’t let a customer trip and fall because of broken or uneven paving. Call Christopher’s Paving today and help your parking lot become a good reflection of your business.

And don't forget, our parking lot paving professionals can also install speed bumps for traffic control purposes, helping to reduce the number of accidents and discourage reckless driving in your parking lot. We can even install parking lot signs per you request and can paint on parking lot lines evenly for the convenience of your customers. The parking lot paving professionals at Christopher’s Paving will have your lot looking sleek and professional in no time.

For the repair or restoration of old parking lots or for parking lot paving for new construction, call the experts at Christopher’s Paving today and learn more about our parking lot paving and driveway paving services in Albany!

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